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We develop cutting-edge 3D configurators that leverage the latest web and cloud computing technology. We work with you throughout the creative process to ensure that the end result embodies the essence of your brand. Our teams of experts help you design experiences that immerse your customers in an innovative journey that employs customization, virtual try-on, and multichannel user experiences for e-commerce and retail. If you have an idea, we’re ready to help.


3D Configurator

We help you create the ideal customer journey based on your sales process and the specificities of your products. We speak the language of your company and your sector (practices, images and terminology) and use this insight to deliver a premium, tailor-made experience.

And this custom-built user experience is fully integrated with your industrial and IT databases (DAM/PIM).

Our interactive 3D configurators are compatible with all existing devices and web browsers.


Customized User Experience


Virtual Try-on


WebApp (UX/UI)


3D Scanning & Optimization


Real-time Shader, Lighting & Artistic Direction


Instructional Animation and Experiences


Generating Packshot Configuration Images



Excellence Reliability Reactivity Commitment Agility International
Excellence Reliability Reactivity Commitment Agility International

Client reviews

1 7

Hapticmedia’s 3D technical solution has provided us with a superb showcase for our product Rouge G. It has also enabled us to present out customers with all available customization combinations directly on our site while avoiding us the high cost of a full range photo shoot. In addition to this, the solution was extremely easy for our technical teams to implement.

Romain Noyer

International Ecommerce Manager

1 7

The incredible thing about Hapticmedia's technology is that we have managed to make you forget about the screen and only see the chandelier as it will be manufactured in our workshops and installed at our client's premises.

Sophie Cotelle

Director of Baccarat Collections

1 7

The 3D technical solution proposed by Hapticmedia allows us to showcase our iconic products. It offers different combinations to more and more demanding customers who are looking for digital experiences that reflect those of our Boutiques. In addition, thanks to this online personalization option, our customers can now offer a tailor-made gift to their loved ones.

Jean-Denis Mariani

Global Omni channel and IS/IT Manager

1 7

BAUME has partnered with Hapticmedia to develop its configurator and implement its augmented reality solution. The results of these technological innovations are spectacular: 3D rendering that is virtually identical to the physical watch; perfect fluidity for increased configurator user-friendliness; and an augmented reality wristband that enables customers to try on their watch without physically handling it. Hapticmedia understood our needs, both in terms of design and customer experience, and came up with very inventive ways to develop them!

Marie Chassot

Head of BAUME

1 7

Hapticmedia has consistently shown the utmost thoroughness and professionalism in all the projects they worked on for us. Furthermore, we believe that the visual quality of their 3D renderings is the best you’ll find on the market.

Edwin Suzor


1 7

It took us a while to find a service provider who would supply us with a configurator capable of properly rendering the quality of our leathers, furs, and other noble materials we use in our products. Hapticmedia have achieved, if not surpassed, our expectations. The whole team at LOLO CHATENAY is grateful for their efficiency.

Laurence Carry


1 7

We were looking for an innovative and unique experience to help clients visualize the full extent of our range before they come to visit our stores. Hapticmedia digitized our physical Créativ’ Box into a variety of living spaces adjustable to the consumer’s inspiration.

Frédéric Bengold

Consumer Connect Project Manager

1 7

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