Edenly 3D jewelry

3D jewellery configurator for personalization and engagement

Edenly is a jeweler specialized in online sales. Our aim is to create a new customer experience that will automatically display customizable jewelry options on its e-commerce platform with the help of our 3D jewellery configurator.


Create your personalized engagement ring from a choice of metals and stones to fit your budget with our 3D jewellery configurator.

Customized ring in box Customized ring on hand


Our 3D jewellery configurator, which applies to necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and so on, is completely embedded in the e-commerce site and enables each user to create their own design, choosing from a wide range of materials – color of the gold, type of gem, etc. The price of the item is updated automatically according to one’s choices. All that’s left to do is to place your order.



We offer a pre-visualization of the product in various contexts: packaging and digital trial.


Specific texturing

We have developed a specific gem texturing for an ultra-realistic display.


E-commerce solution

Our solution is easily embeddable in an e-commerce platform.

Edenly ring
Edenly ring
Edenly ring
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