Kenzo 3D shoes

3D configurator for KENZO sneakers

KENZO is a French clothing and perfume company. The brand offers a creative and original approach to fashion that opens up the codes of luxury couture to the general public.


Hapticmedia’s interactive 3D experience is designed to showcase and offer an optimal view of KENZO Move sneakers on the website’s product page for the item. This innovative, fun and interactive experience enables users to choose colors and manipulate the shoe in 3D on their browser.

Kenzo Move tiger Kenzo move laces


Our 3D viewer is embedded in the e-commerce product information pages for Kenzo Move sneakers, enabling users to manipulate the shoes in real-time 3D.



An animation process is applied to the materials during transitions to achieve more aesthetic and creative color switches.



Some materials required us to create specific 3D shaders in order to better simulate iridescent effects and bring out different shades that appear depending on the shoe’s display angle.

Kenzo shoes
Kenzo shoes
Kenzo shoes
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