PUMA 3D sportswear

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Web2Print, online outfit designing tool for sports clubs

Developing a co-creation tool to help design outfits for team sports (soccer, handball, rugby)

Customized PUMA sportswear text PUMA sportswear color customization UI


Offering sports clubs a user-friendly tool that will make ordering and manufacturing much easier and quicker.


Sports clubs can either create their outfits directly or starting from a predesigned template. They can import images and logos and place them on the garments. Our tool automatically adjusts placement to guarantee optimum printing results. Clients can also add text to their garments and manage numbers and their placement.



3D simulation of clothing designs and fabric textures in both men and women’s wear.



The colors of each part of the clothing item (collar, patterns, logo…) are customizable so that users can create their own unique designs.


Web 2 print

Users can add text and/or logos to various parts of the garment.

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