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Our Agency

We are a service and consultancy agency specialized in 3D. Our goal is to assist brands in creating digital experiences for their customers.

Hugo : Product Strategist

One of our strongest beliefs is that in order to create value, it is essential to create emotion.

Our 3D experiences allow the customer to interact online with the product to better perceive its details, value and characteristics. The 2 most important things for us during our services: listening and pragmatism.

→ Listening: to be as close as possible to the needs of the brands, in order to remain relevant, to immerse ourselves in their world as best we can in order to be able to transcribe it, to take an interest in the creative process behind the product in order to highlight its differentiating elements.

→ Pragmatism: Always with this desire to be anchored in the client’s reality, his objectives, his problems, his processes, we propose realistic doable solutions with real impact. This is also how we express our expertise in our preferred business verticals, such as jewellery and watchmaking, among others.

Expertise for excellence

We are an international team of passionate and curious people who develop new cloud and 3D tools. As creators of innovative solutions at the cutting edge of digital technologies, we are committed to creating unique experiences for the retail industry of tomorrow.

As true digital goldsmiths, our teams put boldness and creativity at the service of their know-how.

Maxime : 3D Graphist

Our expertise in 3D comes from our love of precision, research and innovation. Our expertise in our preferred verticals (jewellery, watchmaking, etc.) comes from our experience. By listening to our clients and from project to project, we have succeeded in gaining a better understanding of their work, their problems, their languages and their processes. By taking a step back from this, we wanted to develop solutions that corresponded to them, by trying to put ourselves in their place, to be anchored in their reality, in their daily life, in their challenges.

A culture of innovation

We are an innovative company, we offer innovative solutions for innovative customer experiences, and we are also innovative in our processes.

Hugo : 3D Graphist

Within the company, we have a 6 people research unit , including 2 doctors in computer science and mathematics. By positioning ourselves as forerunners, we have to be at the cutting edge of web and 3D technologies and in constant search of innovation. Our research team is working on issues such as virtual try-on, decimation and rendering. Its particularity is that being within a company, it focuses its research on market issues and remains connected to reality. This also allows it to test and trial the results of her research by confronting them directly with the client cases it encountered in order to select the state-of-the-art methods best suited to our problems and develop them for our specific cases. Testing, selecting, implementing and putting to the test is the logic that keeps us constantly learning and in a dynamic of excellence.

The customer relationship at the epicenter of our working process

Our support is characterised by a process of co-creation. We like to build with the client, because we are nourished by these exchanges, but also because this is how we are most effective.

Trust is also at the heart of our internal and client relationships. It is necessary in the innovation process we undertake, because it is this trust that drives our teams to be responsive and creative. It is this same trust that allows us to express the boldness that characterises us.

Henri & Delphine : CEO & Business Developer

In the end, it is our ability to question ourselves that makes us reactive and allows us to adapt to the reality of the market. It is the trust placed in us by our clients that has allowed us to develop our business expertise, our knowledge of the sector and our ability to co-create. Finally, it is our boldness that allows us to innovate and create value. All these aspects combined form the values that we hold dear and that make our identity.

Our project management

The key word in our customer relationship is proximity. Everything is done directly with the specialist for each part of the project. The main contact is our sales representative, who keeps an eye on the progress of the project from start to finish and ensures that it is carried out correctly.

1. A meeting to understand

Our service agency aims to provide a tailor-made service, adapted to each project and each client. For this reason, we believe that listening is essential to understanding the needs and issues.

The first stage of the relationship begins with a meeting where we try to understand the needs, the project, the expectations, and the particular difficulties or constraints of the client. This listening phase is essential because it allows us to respond to expectations and build the best project.

2. The proposal

In a second phase, and based on this listening phase, we propose a solution adapted to the client’s requirements. As a tailor-made service, we always try to adapt to each client’s environment, internal processes and team configuration.

3. Planning and process

Once the POC has been validated and both parties agree on the terms, we define the modalities and conditions of the contract to be signed in order to start our project. We draw up a timeline schedule according to the time constraints and our clients’ deadlines, we introduce the teams and define the processes and a launch date.

Throughout these phases we emphasise the transparency of our relationship, making every effort to provide maximum visibility forall the project stakeholders. Finally, another key point of our working philosophy is that we do not compromise on quality.

As much as we adapt to the client, to his environment, to his world, we never reduce the quality of our service to satisfy certain constraints. We are in constant pursuit of quality and excellence, and this is naturally the only thing we do not compromise on.

Our technical service :

Our technical teams jump in very early in the project.

There are several reasons for this: firstly, we sell a predominantly technical service, so our technical teams are asked fairly quickly about the feasibility of a project, its estimation in terms of time needed, meeting deadlines and the cost of our offer. Furthermore, the technical teams will be present throughout the project, which is why we have chosen to include them from the start and in a direct manner to avoid intermediaries.

1. The Kick-off

The first step in the technical process is for us to organise a kick-off with the client, which brings together all the project stakeholders. This kick-off allows us to :

  • Better grasp the brand’s history, image and identity.
  • Better understand the product and the project. Its specificities, the creative work carried out, when possible and necessary we also like to visit the production workshops.
  • Understand the brand really allows us to understand the issues, the particularities, and the assets, so that we can best transcribe it and implement the company’s wishes.
  • Setting up the project structure and communication process. Present the key stages of the project, our methodology, validate the schedule.
  • Identify the various stakeholders and allocate roles. The pole in charge of data, validation of renderings, project management, integration and web app, … .

2. Data collection

One of the most active phases for the client is undoubtedly data collection. We list / collect all the data needed to start the project. The client can then ask the relevant departments to provide us with the data (technical specifications, 3D models, product guidelines, etc.)

3. Product modelling

This is the most opaque phase for the client and also the one that seems the longest. We start by modelling the requested products. In some cases we create the 3D models ourselves, in a high quality of rendering and experience (no latency).

Olivier : 3D Graphist

4. Putting the project online

Once the model is finished, we import it into our visualisation tool. This uploading to our tool allows the client to visualise the modelling of their product. This step is key, because from this moment on, the client can :

  • Follow the progress of the project almost in real time, since each new version is visible on our tool and he is notified. In this way, they can inform us of errors or corrections, which allows us to be reactive and to rectify them.
  • This is also the point at which the customer can start the integration. He can test by implementing on his staging environment.

Finally, this is also where the validation process begins.

5. Validation methodology

Our validation methodology consists of 4 main, interdependent steps:

  • Modeling validation: the client validates the modeling of its products
  • Lighting validation: the client validates the light and reflection parameters carried out on each of its products
  • Validation of materials: the client validates the rendering and the completeness of the different materials, colours and customisation possibilities for each of their products.
  • Validation of the final rendering.

For each one of these validation stages, it should not be forgotten that the client has access to the visualisation of his models on our tool, and that he is informed at each new release to make his corrections. Thus, at the end of each stage we aggregate all the requests for modifications to correct them and have them validated BEFORE moving on to the next stage. It is crucial for the project that each previous step is validated before moving on to the next.

In addition, we organise a weekly review with the client. This is a monitoring point on the project, to inform on its progress, to validate again the parameters, to align with these changes and reorientations. Finally, it is also to maintain the link between the teams and to provide everyone with a comfortable working environment.

6. Fine tuning Workshop

Pauline : 3D Graphist

When 95% of the project is completed, we organise a workshop at the client’s premises to work with them on the remaining 5%. The remaining 5% are adjustments, details to be worked out, set-ups to be done.

Why do we do this?

As 3D specialists, we have a high-precision job, and our clients also often have high-precision jobs (high jewellery, watchmaking, leather goods, luxury goods) and it is precisely this love of precision that unites us. From the understanding we have of their business, we know that it is these last details that make all the difference.

During this final workshop, we adjust the final settings together, in real time, thanks to our visualisation tool. We really want the client to take part in this fine tuning, so that the product and its rendering correspond exactly to what he wants, to his vision, to his image.

Pierre: AR/VR Ingenior

7. Final rendering and implementation.

After this workshop we work on the final elements if necessary and prepare a final rendering and project report for the client.

Finally, the integration on the client’s e-commerce website can begin, and here too we support their technical teams in this regard.

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