IKKS - 111 bags

IKKS 111 Bag

3D Handbag Configurator

The 3D configurator of the handbag 111 IKKS offers a Mix and Match of colors and materials such as leather, fabric, pattern and fur to see the 288 combinations of choices and patchwork that IKKS offers for its bag. A customer journey that is dedicated to the configurator and that is inserted into the ecommerce website of the ready-to-wear brand IKKS. IKKS 3D leather goods configurator offers a wide variety of compositions and choices, allowing you to clearly visualize all the nuances of materials and colors. A view showing the carried product is also available to help you understand and see the bag in all its possibilities. Online 3D viewer allows you to get closer and further away and see the handbag in a precise and detailed way.


At the heart of the brand's expectations are the visual quality and realism of natural materials in 3D. Different types of leather were used for this project: bubble leather, smooth glazed leather, full grain leather, suede leather. The user experience (CX, UX, UI) was also designed in collaboration with the e-commerce teams of IKKS in order to guarantee an optimal customer experience and to integrate it into the e-commerce site of the ready-to-wear manufacturer. Hapticmedia’s teams developed the web interface of the 3D configurator in collaboration with IKKS agency, which produced the graphic design.

IKKS 111 Webapp


The functionalities we propose meet the needs of a realistic and high quality real-time 3D rendering of leathers and handbags. 3D scanning and digitization of leather materials and fabrics materials are at the heart of our work on this project.


3D rendering and simulation

Specific leather materials were created in 3D for the project using our material scanner dedicated to leather goods and apparel.



IKKS handbag 111 project offers a high level of customization up to 288 combinations.


Online 3D configurator for e-commerce platforms

The 3D configurator allows you to visualize the handbags in different ways: posed, carried, on the shoulder...



We have made a web application that allows to make the choices with hotspots attached to the bag.

IKKS 111 bag 1
IKKS 111 bag 2
IKKS 111 bag 3
IKKS 111 bag 4
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