Cuisinella 3D kitchen

Cuisinella 3D kitchen wishes configurator

Cuisinella is a brand that belongs to Schmidt group. Cuisinella is the brand of the first french kitchen manufacturer, they design and produce quality tailor-made kitchens for every customer.


Create a 3D wish configurator of kitchen styles. The goal here is to showcase the fact that Cuisinella wants to satisfy its customers by providing kitchens that fit their needs and correspond to their styles and wishes. They also wanted to facilitate the access to finitions with abordable prices, and the Home appliance packs, to allow final customers to manage their budget.

Cuisinella kitchen configurator


First, a 3D configurator of desires and a customization menu with real-time rendering is created.


3D Configurator

The 3D wish configurator was conceived to help the customer to project himself and to help him to make a decision. For this project, the important things are to enhance a strong brand identity with a clear positioning and to show the buyer a universe and a style which he can relate to. He has to feel that the product can fit his space and his budget, fulfill his needs and expectations. Thus, proposing a filter menu for the configurator by styles brings value to the customer. The 3D configurator is a sales booster, he is in fact directly accessible from the homepage of Cuisinella’s website.



The Web App has to communicate with the internal Cuisinella website to be able to save client layout projects ( thanks to an unique URL system) and prepare the in-store meeting. So that both the client and the seller can optimize their meeting.


Price calculating system

Finally a price-calculating system adapting to the chosen configuration and the language management (as it is a international website) are implemented.

Cuisinella kitchen 1
Cuisinella kitchen 2
Cuisinella kitchen 3
Cuisinella kitchen 4
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