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Schmidt group is a furnishing company with a high-end positioning and a strong will of customer satisfaction. The brand Schmidt has built a solid reputation over the years, a guarantee of quality and durability. The singularity of Schmidt dressings is that it is tailor-made (to the millimeter) with many customisation possibilities.


As for Schmidt kitchen the intent is to be able to create a 3D universe configurator of dressing room layouts with 2 main goals: - Increase the number of in-store appointment took online - Help the in-store sales (because both the seller and the buyer already knows the approximative budget, the needs and the layouts possibilities) Thus, the goal is to offer to the online visitor a digital experience, not only for the direct online sale, but also to complete and help the in store sales.

Schmidt dressing configurator


To meet this demand, our teams worked on a 3D universe configurator and a customization menu with real-time rendering.


3D Configurator

For this dressing room 3D configurator, the intent is to create a layout universe associated for every type of closet. Not only to represent the closet but also to put it into the context of a furnished and decorated room to immerse the visitor in a universe which can relate to. A special attention is paid to performance optimization (combination of static and dynamic lighting). Finally we want to focus on the ease of use of these products in accordance with the customers needs. This explains the choice of a configuration menu centered on these two aspects, to highlight the space optimization and the personalization.


A unique URL System

It is really important to create a unique URL System that allows website visitors to save their dressing room layout project. It also encourages the visitor to come back to the website.



We also create a communicative Web App, to connect with Schmidt internal website.


Price calculating system

The 3D configurator includes a price calculating system, allowing the user to see an actualized price depending on the finitions, layouts, materials and elements he chooses.


Language management

As the website is international we add language management set up in the 3D configurator.


Dynamic layout

The user chooses the size he wants, and defines his needs, how much space for socks and underwear, for shoes, for long dresses, for suits … and the configurator proposes to him a dynamic dressing layout that matches he needs, with optimized space for each item!

Schmidt dressing brown
Schmidt dressing light wood
Schmidt dressing white
Schmidt dressing wood
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