Origine Cycles

Origine Cycles

3D Bike Configurator

Sold only in e-commerce and thought for the enlightened amateurs, Origine Cycles offers a great possibility of choices. The 3D configurator for Origine Cycles "high-end" sports bikes is an improvement of the existing 2D configurator. The objective of this 3D bike configurator (Road, MTB, Gravel, Flatbar, electric) is to offer a 3D configurator that fits efficiently and smoothly into the existing tools of the brand, while allowing Origine Cycles teams to import new models and make the configurator live in an automated way in complete autonomy.


The project allows Origine Cycles to use the Apviz.io SaaS platform and its APIs to connect to their business infrastructure. 3D configurator of sport bikes allows the management of a very large variation of choices for a specialized and technical product aimed at enlightened cycling sports enthusiasts. Lifecycle automation of the 3D configurator allows Origine Cycles teams to import new bike models and create 3D configuration rules and new materials.

Origine Cycles


Automation of the generation of 3D bike configurators thanks to our GraphQL API. Bicycle parts libraries are created in 3D and are automatically positioned according to the different models and sizes of bicycles. The quality of the materials that constitute the bikes such as metallic paints and coats are simulated to appear realistically in our real-time 3D engine Apviz.io


3D rendering quality and simulation of paintings

Metallic paint and coated materials were created in 3D for the project allowing the realistic 3D simulation of matte, glossy, plain, glittery renderings.


3D Autonomy and automation

Thanks to our 3D SaaS platform and its GraphQL API. The import and rule creation processes were automated and the Origine Cycles teams were trained to be fully autonomous on the project.


3D ecommerce configurator

The 3D configurator is linked to Origine Cycle tools, process and infrastructure

Origine Cycles
Origine Cycles
Origine Cycles
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