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De Beers Jewellers is the ultimate destination for diamond jewellery. The Jewellery House benefits from a powerful legacy in diamonds built over more than 130 years, however as a jeweller it is only 21 years old which gives them the freedom to innovate and push boundaries to create meaningful and inspiring jewellery designs for their clients. Founded in London, De Beers Jewellers has a presence in the most exclusive locations around the world.


Our mission was to create an immersive 3D experience for clients to view nine rings from De Beers Jewellers’ Reflections of Nature High Jewellery collection, retranscribing as close as possible the specificity of diamonds and gold. This collection is inspired by natural landscapes in De Beers producing countries, and features 5 sets: - Okavango Grace: Fancy colour rough and polished diamond creations immortalise the lush landscape of the delta. - Landers Radiance: Inspired by the corals and colorful fish of Landers reef in South Africa, we here celebrate underwater life. - Namib Wonder: Representing the shifting sand dunes, the Namib Wonder set pays tribute to the oldest desert on earth. - Motlatse Marvel: The Motlatse Marvel set captures the dramatic shades of the canyon under the light of the African sun. - Ellesmere Treasure: A portrait of glacial glamour, inspired by the immaculate beauty of the Arctic flora.

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The functionality delivered for this project had a common goal of enhancing the beauty and quality of each piece and showcasing this through a 3D interactive spin, pinch, zoom experience. This was part of our brief, but it also a requirement that we have imposed on ourselves, so as not to betray either our client’s artistic vision or our level of quality and work philosophy. Being realistic and exhaustive, conveying emotions and reflecting the client’s intentions, are at the epicenter of this work. To deliver this project we provided the following: - Tailor-made 3D material creation - Rendering set ups (lighting, staging, viewpoints…) - Depth of field simulation - Integration support We were delighted to collaborate with De Beers Jewellers on this project and to help tell the story of their expertise and craftsmanship through this 3D experience!

De Beers jewellery
De Beers jewellery
De Beers jewellery
De Beers jewellery
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