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At Hapticmedia, we know our clients have a wide array of options when it comes to building their own online 3D product configurator for e-commerce. Indeed, making this choice might seem quite difficult and intimidating, especially if you don’t have the necessary information.

What makes an excellent product configurator?

A great product configurator showcases the outstanding features of your products from a 360 degree angle, creates an engaging and immersive digital shopping experience, with the help of online personalization, 3D modeling and visualization technology, Augmented Reality, virtual try on, omni channel strategy, engraving and so on, while ensuring safety, agility, light weight, web speed, excellent support and customer services.

Again, making such a choice might be difficult, you want to make sure to find the service that best responds to your needs, enables you to optimize efforts and costs and delivers top results.

To cover frequently asked questions, as well as to help you identify the best supplier, we have analyzed the offers of several players on the market, referring in particular to Sketchfab and Wanadev, and compared them to that of Hapticmedia.

The chart below gives a quick comparison of these brands. For a deeper look, continue reading for our full comparison.

Comparison of offerings

Generally speaking, DIY options available at Hapticmedia and Sketchfab, not Wanadev; full packages available at Hapticmedia and Wanadev, not Sketchfab.

To be detailed, platforms Hapticmedia and Sketchfab offer support for DIY options, which means that brands may use their existing 3D models or buy one from banks and dedicated platforms, to create their signature designs.

Regarding full services, you can find Hapticmedia and Wanadev.

Hapticmedia provides highly customizable full packages including 3D modeling, visualization, integration, configuration, customization and 1-on-1 customer support, which is tailor made for each client.

DIY or a full package: Does your brand already have delicate enough 3D models?

We find it very important to explain this difference, because it is the most important consideration in the decision making process. It dramatically influences pricing and the final delivery, i.e. the user experiences of your configurator.

DIY options require the client him or herself to prepare for 3D files.

To be detailed, DIY options require the client him or herself to prepare for 3D files, usually in the format of STL. OBJ. FBX. COLLADA. 3DS. IGES. STEP. VRML and X3D; while in a full package, such servies are included, i.e. 3D modeling, visualization, integration and so on.

According to our own experiences, most of our leads either say that they dont have any 3D files or that they dont know what this means and if they have any.According to our own experiences, most of our leads either say that they dont have any 3D files or that they dont know what this means and if they have any.

Basic 3D models are not delicate enough for excellent 3D visualization or rendering

Your company might have 3D files of your product, but it is extremely important to check not only that they exist, but also that they are delicate enough for excellent 3D visualization or renderings. Fact is that having a high quality 3D model is crucial for the final result, as otherwise it will make the whole configurator look shabby and will decrease users’ appreciation of the overall experience.

At Hapticmedia, we had clients who approached us and asked us to work with their existing 3D files made by themselves or by other agencies. In order to convince them that a more detailed design should be done, we showed them how the final product looked and had them test the experience themselves. By putting things into practice, clients would understand how important it is to start off with the right materials in order to develop great visualization effects.

Try to have the full package option available, in case that your own 3D files dont meet certain requirements

From our experience, it is advisable to work with a supplier that offers 3D modeling and integration as part of a full package, other than the DIY option, to ensure that you have the necessary support to test your 3D model and ensure it meets the requirements. Best case scenario, if you find out that your own 3D files are already of good quality, you can choose the DIY package. Otherwise, you would need a full package.

In conclusion, in order to create a topnotch 3D product configurator with excellent visualization and presentation, it is vital to make sure that either you already have exquisite 3D files for targeted products, or you can get this service as part of a full package from the 3D configurator supplier, customized and supported until you are totally satisfied with the final performance.

Even if you are confident with your 3D files, try to always have the full package option available, in case that your own 3D files dont meet certain requirements, and that you can no longer be satisfied with a DIY option.

Otherwise, you might run into occasions like one of our client mentioned above, when you find out that much better visualization or rendering effects are needed, and that you have to switch your 3D product configurator supplier at all costs.

Pricing: DIY options are cheaper and charge by month, Full packages are more expensive and quotable

Now that we understand the differences between DIY options and a full package, it is easy to know that DIY options are cheaper; while full packages involve customized 3D modeling, visualization and integration, and thus are more expensive.

Hapticmedia and Sketchfab offer a range of plans that are meant to host the DIY do-it-yourself options (without project services like 3D modeling and integrating) and which are charged based on monthly sessions.

Sketchfab Premium package, €79, is targeted at small companies, agencies, or studios, offers up to 10,000 views / month, while the €249 Business plan covers a maximum of 25,000 views / month. Both offerings do not include app free AR.

Both platforms have Enterprise licenses available, negotiated according to the final needs and deliverables where you can customize views/ month add services like AR.

Regarding full packages, Hapticmedia and Wanadev both work based on personalized quotes. At Hapticmedia, we know it is impossible to fix such a complex project into a standard plan. Therefore we spend time to identify your needs and to create an offer to optimize your resources to the maximum.

Availability of 3D viewers, Augmented Reality and other immersive technologies

All 3 platforms enable the implementation of 3D viewers, which allow users to zoom in, zoom out, as well as see products from other angles in order to get a clear, in-depth view of your product.

Hapticmedia prides itself in offering a seamless, intuitive Augmented Reality experience that sells. It can be accessed from the consumers’ mobile devices, with no extra plugins, as everything has already been developed on the platform.

Our agency has worked with a high end Swiss watchmaker Baume, for example, to develop a 3D watch configurator that enabled consumers to personalize their own watches and try it on their wrists, using 3D visualization and AR technology.

Sketchfab, too, provides an AR feature available in the Enterprise mode which starts at €500 / month.

Wanadev, on the other hand, is very much focused on developing Virtual Reality technology, which offer users an immersive shopping experience, with the help of certain equipment.


All 3 platforms offer marketers analytics regarding user behaviors, with the sole mention that Sketchfab does so only in Enterprise mode.

Overall customer approach

Since do-it-yourself plans are a big component of their business, Sketchfab offers clients autonomy and independence, as well as documentation and support so that clients could use servcices without difficulty.

On the contrary, Hapticmedia and Wanadev are there to help clients throughout the process, from 3D modeling, visualization and configuration to integrations of commerce platforms.

Moreover, at Hapticmedia, we not only have a dedicated team of 3D designers and engineers, UX engineers, AR/VR engineers, cloud engineers, and production professionals, but also understand the point that each project requires an account manager, who works with clients to understand their needs, priorities and budgets, and to to co-create, implement, assess projects and ensure training when needed.

This 360 degree approach is what has helped Hapticmedia empathise successfully with each brand, so that we can work with marketing professionals on developing a fully customized 3D product configurator that delivers great results.

Client profiles

As a platform with standard plans, Sketchfab targets a wide pool of clients from small to big and are oriented towards general segments. Thus, they work with brands in different industries, from auto to clothing, from electrics to furniture. Clients including Schneider Electric, Zodiac, DELL, Nike, Tefal, KRUPS and so on.

Wanadev offers 3D product configurators as one of the services in its portfolio. Clients including furniture manufacturer Sanijura, packaging and bricolage brands such as Raja and Leroy Merlin.

Hapticmedia is the only company that focuses on the luxury industry, especially high jewelry and watches. We have successfully worked with Piaget, Gerlain, Kenzo, Baume & Mercier, Nestlé, Baccarat, Edenly and so on.

Our niche services enable us to provide the best know-how for our clients, supported by our in-depth understanding for the industry and real world hands-on experiences.

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We have already successfully worked with Gerlain, Kenzo, Nestlé, Baume & Mercier

Currently an increasing number of retailers and firms are optimising their platforms with the use of 3D tcchnology. The global 3D modelling market reached $5.310 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach a size of $17.292 billion by 2023. In conclusion, even though there is still a lot of work to be done, 3D modelling will be present in the future.

3D configuration services together with 3D modeling, interactive product visualization and mass customization will largely increase customer engagement and therefore conversion rates for ecommerce. Do not miss out this great opportunity.

Hapticmedia has over 15 years of expertise in 3D modeling, visualization and configuration industry, supported and covered by LVMH, Forbes, Les Echos, Le Point, BFMTV. Contact us now to see the visible improvement we will bring to you.

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